RDH to OMT Career Change Course

The most valuable, cost-effective information to navigate the steps from Dental Hygiene to Myofunctional Therapy!

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This 60 minute webinar was recorded during the initial launch of the RDH to OMT Career Change Course. It is packed full of FREE helpful information! There is answers to questions every RDH has when embarking on the journey to becoming a Myofunctional Therapist. I include some of my behind the scenes information, so you can see what a career in Myofunctional Therapy really looks like. Also there is a great tour of the course. Don't miss out on this great video!!


RDH to OMT Career Change Course

Take the first step out of Dental Hygiene and into a career of Myofunctional Therapy now!!

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Are you a RDH who is frustrated with your career in hygiene? Especially with all the changes since Covid; the PPE, irrational patients and doctors, and added stresses of the risk of infection to yourself? 

Maybe you are noticing all the little body aches that come from years of sacrificing your body to scale teeth. Now these little aches have turned into BIG pains and you know you can't do this forever. 

Are you burned out from fighting a schedule EVERY day? Days on end of going without lunch or even getting a bathroom break. You feel like you go home exhausted every evening and wonder, "Is my family getting the best of me or the rest of me?"

Can you relate? If so, you are not alone! This was me too! But not anymore!!  I decided to start a career in Myofunctional Therapy and it changed everything for me!! I am free from the things I hated about Hygiene. Now I have a career I not only love, but that I am in control of. 

I know you are thinking, but HOW?? 

Finding information on where to start as a Myofunctional Therapist can be confusing and time consuming. Even worse going about this career change without guidance can cost big bucks!!

That is why I made this course. To give my fellow RDH's some guidelines to make this change a reality for you! And to save you precious time and money. 

Imagine having a career that allows you more time for yourself and your family.

How would your life be different if you could work from home?

Picture yourself being in control of your own schedule and finances - being your own boss!

Even better, imagine the gratitude from patients when you are able to help them sleep better, breathe better and be healthier! 

If you want to make a career change to Myo or even if you are just curious if this is a possibility, this course is a no-brainer!! The value in this course pays for itself! Literally, the tools you get here will make you back your investment and then some. 

The field of Myofunctional Therapy is growing exponentially. Now is the time to make the transition. Become part of a movement that is changing Dentistry and how we treat patients! 


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**9 Information Packed Modules**

Module 1 - What is OMT and How Can I Practice? 

  • How you can practice legally
  • Scope of Practice
  • History and Definition of OMT

Module 2 - Courses With the Most Bang for Your Buck!

  • The BEST 1st courses! 
  • Certification/What is it?/Do you need it?
  • What courses are better as a second course?

Module - How To Get FREE Knowledge

  • Learn the best FB groups to join
  • The best OMT podcasts
  • Many other sources of FREE info!

Module 4 - Myofunctional Therapy Basics - Part 1

  • The 5 Pillars of Myofunctional Therapy
  • Signs of OMD's
  • General Progression of Therapy

Module 5 - Myofunctional Therapy Basics - Part 2 

  • All About Tongue Ties
  • Sleep & Orofacial Disorders
  • TMD - Why Myo is Essential

Module 6 - Myo Business Basics-Part 1

  • What's in a Name?
  • Should I be a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Corporation? 
  • What is an EIN and NPI Number? 

Module 7 - Myo Business Basics-Part 2

  • Bookkeeping Tips/Basic Accounting
  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • Insurance - What do I need?

Module 8 - Networking Nuance

  • Decide who to spend time & money on
  • Killer Lunch N Learn's
  • How to find like-minded providers

Module 9 - How To Replace Your Hygiene Salary

  • Your Money Mindset
  • How much do I charge? 
  • How to talk to patients about money



5 *BONUS* Modules

Extra's that go a long way! These modules will give you insider information and help you save money!

Bonus #1 - Intro to TeleHealth/Covid

Bonus #2 - How to Get a FREE phone service

Bonus #3 - All "Things" Myo

Bonus #4 - Software to Make Myo Life Easy!

Bonus #5 - Mindset


Instant Access 

All materials are available the moment you purchase. Work through the modules at your own pace!

Community Led Private FB Page

You will get access to our private Facebook group. Here you will join a community of RDH's just like you who are starting out. A great place to network and continue to learn!

Email Support for 90 days From Purchase

I am available for additional questions and help as needed throughout the course. 

RDH to OMT Career Change Course

Take the first step out of Dental Hygiene and into a career of Myofunctional Therapy now!

I'm Ready!! Sign Me Up!!

All The Tools You Need To Get Started In A Career In Myofunctional Therapy! 

Don't waste endless hours trying to figure out how to get started! This course is designed to give you a checklist to make becoming a Myofunctional Therapist a reality for you! Learn from someone who has done it!